Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (alpha)


This is an old version of the data standard. See latest version.

This is a stub documentation site for the alpha version of the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard.


This work is taking place under the auspices of the Open Ownership project. More details on the project are avaiable at

The work is guided by the Data Standard Working Group, and the initial phase of development is taking place between December 2016 and March 2017.


This documentation site is a work in progress.

A draft schema is ready for review on the schema page.

Partners and funders

The initial development of the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard is funded through support for the Open Ownership project from the UK Department for International Development. OpenOwnership is a project of Transparency International, OpenCorporates, One, the Open Contracting Partnership, the World Wide Web Foundation, Global Witness and The B Team

This draft has been developed by Open Data Services Co-operative and OpenCorporates


For more details about the OpenOwnership project, please contact the project coordinator, Zosia Sztykowski