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BODS is developed by Open Ownership, a non-profit organisation focused on beneficial ownership transparency, in partnership with Open Data Services.

An open data standard working group of data experts, beneficial ownership specialists and other interested parties also provide advice and help guide the development of BODS.

The working group is co-chaired by Open Ownership and Open Data Services - and anyone can apply to join the group by filling out this form. Virtual group meetings are held quarterly and communication is coordinated through a Google group.

Data Standard Working Group - Terms of Reference

The data standard working group helps drive the development of BODS, an open data standard designed to reduce the technical barriers to the collection and re-use of beneficial ownership data.

This working group is open to all and includes stakeholders from a range of backgrounds with an interest and expertise in data relating to corporate control or beneficial ownership, and to the use of such data in the public interest.

While the development of the standard will take place through an open process, to which anyone can contribute, working group members take on a responsibility for guiding development of BODS, and ensuring that relevant requirements, user needs and technical considerations are taken into account.


All working group members must commit to support the following shared values.


We will:

  • share our views and plans, and share knowledge as widely as possible;

  • solicit and listen to views from end users and stakeholders;

  • make our outputs available under an open licence and abide by the project contributor agreement;


We will:

  • bring our expertise to the discussion as individuals;

  • use our expertise to synthesise the views of others in constructive and forward-thinking proposals;

  • use good judgement to respect privacy and confidentiality.


We will

  • support each other in discussion, in decisions, and in delivery;

  • operate on the basis of consensus decision making;

  • constructively hold each other to account on our commitments;

  • ensure all voices are heard and considered carefully.

Membership, term and role

Membership of the working group is a voluntary responsibility. Members should be prepared to join quarterly virtual group calls and respond to issues via GitHub or email.