Data Schema / Intro

Data Schema


This is v0.3 of the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard. It includes updates to the data model and codelists as well as additional technical guidance.

Implementers should be aware that future changes are anticipated, before a version 1.0 release. See the Changelog and About pages for more information.

MUST and SHOULD are used in the schema to denote required and recommended elements of the Standard, as defined in RFC2119.

BODS provides a common data model for encapsulating information about the beneficial ownership of corporate entities and related arrangements, to facilitate sharing of information. In particular, the data model captures direct and indirect relationships of ownership and control by entities (such as companies) by other entities (including trusts and joint shareholdings) or by natural persons.

The data model, as specified here in the Data Schema, is intended to represent, or help identify, ultimate beneficial ownership: the natural person(s) who ultimately benefit from, or control, an entity.

The schema browser provides a way of digging through the schema’s structure, showing how its components and fields fit together. Alternatively, the schema reference presents these elements and their descriptions in easy-to-reference tables.

Further considerations regarding the validation, publishing, and lifecycle of data are included in technical guidance.